Monday, August 18, 2014

Tatami Room at the entrance of the Ruin Academy.

2nd Floor fire-place in front of the 5th Evaporator - the future Public Sauna.

Swings, top-soil, jungle under-growth and some beans.

3rd Floor garden.

Sunbathing in a stream of light from the roof openings. 

3rd Floor garden with jungle-undergrowth, bushes, herbs, trees and creepers. 

Three dimensional main space of the Ruin Academy.

Jungle basilica.

Wooden steps for bare fee and steel for shoes.

Openings on the roof letting in sunlight, rain, insects and seeds.

30% of the Taitung County residents are original Formosan tribes - Austroasian peoples.

2nd Floor fire-place.

Recycled oil-drums growing vegetation. 

2nd Floor garden and fire-place.

2nd Floor big working table. 

Dream Room with the bed of ropes.

3rd Floor fire-place and water gardens.

Dream Room.

Bed of ropes.

3rd Floor lounge / tea-room.

Water garden and ceramic balls for refining the sugar crystals.

Rain water collecting tanks next to the roof. 

Rain water harvested from the roofs for irrigation. 
Tatami Room with vegetable audience.

3rd Floor and the 2nd Floor gardens around the main space.

Taitung Ruin Academy operators and supporters. Photo: 侯方達